Turtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Turtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department


TCVFD‘s New Tanker Truck Is Here!

The new tender carries 3,500 gallons of water. “This is a huge improvement to our department because of the amount of water that we are now able to carry to the scene of a fire,” says Turtle Creek VFD Chief Wesley Gordon.

“Our previous tender only had the option of 1,800 gallons of water and that didn’t last very long when fighting a structure or wildland fire. We would end up having to call for mutual aid pretty quickly. We have just a few fire hydrants in our area and we used to have to draft water from the river or streams when we ran low,” Gordon explains. “The 3,500 gallons we can now carry gives us an advantage over the fire.”

The new tender also improves the ISO rating for the Turtle Creek VFD coverage area. ISO, an organization that tracks property and casualty insurance risk, evaluates and rates a community’s ability to handle fires. Many insurers factor that information into the formulas they use to come up with home insurance premiums.

The Texas A&M Forest Service awarded a $200,000 grant to the Turtle Creek Volunteer Fire Department through the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program to purchase the new tender. The Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation also awarded a grant of $37,000 to assist in the purchase of the new tender.

The tender will not just be used for structure and wildland fires, but also for medical calls and traffic control.

Private donations, proceeds from the TCVFD Annual Memorial Golf Tournament In Honor of Fallen Firefighters and grants of $200,000 from the Texas A&M Forest and $37,000 from The Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation assisted in the purchase of the new tender.


2017 6th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament

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